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About Us

What Makes A Human Being Truly Happy?

Mission  Statement:

Our mission is to guide people in living a healthy lifestyle by addressing the needs of a whole person. 

We believe happiness comes from nurturing Peace for our mind, Ease and Joy for our body, and Wisdom for our spirit. 


Our Services:   Available in  video conferencing so you can receive help. Regardless of where you live geographically, my mission is to provide you with exceptional mental healthcare.

Psychotherapy: We specialize in mental health issues of depression and anxiety, grief, medical illness, couples, caregiver stress, dying, trauma, insomnia, women’s issues, life transitions, and aging.



Pets:   We offer grief support group, art therapy and psychotherapy.  See our services here.

If you are caring for pet with illness or your pet children passed away, the grief and stress of the loss can become overwhelming. 

We specialize in working with pets and their people who need an animal behaviorist who understands how to support them.

Successful Relationship Coaching:  What does it mean to you to be in a relationship with a life partner? Learn what it takes to create the most fullfilling relationship. These skills are from latest research in the Love laboratory, studying how couples create a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship. 

Education and Support Groups:  We offer a choice of classes and workshops for better mental  health.  

Wellness Self-Care Salons: 

The Body‘s Wisdom will  heal and rejuvenate You with JOY 

Come relax and enjoy two hours of deep relaxation and wellness to nurture your body’s needs for Ease, Comfort and Joy. 

Experiences include: Mindfulness Meditation, Laughter Yoga, Healing through Art.

Life Coaching

We offer a very special life coaching  program designed to achieve Abundance, Life Mastery and JOY. 

We integrate ancient Wisdom practices and neuroscience. We teach you tools to mastery of the body and mind connection to achieve your desires, goals, and personal growth through JOY. 

How about being empowered to be able to create your best life? Now you can learn to easily manifest what you desire with the energy of Fun, Laughter and Childlike Playfulness


The soul is happiest when Evolving

The mind is happiest when at Peace

The body is happiest when at Ease and Joyful

We support the wholistic needs of a person with Psychotherapy, Education and Support Groups to facilitate the awareness and development of Peace for your Mind. 

Laughter Yoga and Creative Healing Art facilitate the awareness and development of Joy in the body.

Hummingbirds legends say these jeweled creatures remind us that joy is the sweetest nectar of life
Hummingbirds legends say these jeweled creatures remind us that joy is the sweetest nectar of life


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