Education and Support Group

Caregiver Stress

Caregiver Issues include: 

  • Caregiving Stress
  • Vicarious Trauma
  • Life Transitions
  • Grief and Loss
  • Identity or Role Crisis
  • Depression and Anxiety  

Vicarious trauma is secondary trauma from witnessing other people suffering.  Often as caregivers, we feel helpless and vulnerable, even hopeless because the person or pet we are caring for is dying or chronically ill.


We are a common human family who experience the same feelings. We are not alone. 

This is both an education and support group for people  experiecing  symptoms  of  depression.  Depression is a prevalent silent mental illness that is emotionally and physically harmful to our health and well being. 

Topics include:

  • Warning signs of Depression 
  • Brain health and Depression
  • Immune System and Depression 
  • Prevention and Self-Care
  • Physiology of Depression 

Pet Loss and Caregiver Support Group

Losing a dying pet is just as painful as losing a human friend or family member. Sometimes it can be even more difficult because they cannot speak and tell us in words how they are feeling, leaving us humans to be in the role of guessing or feeling guilty if they were in more pain than they let on. 

We offer support groups for pet parents. We offer facilitation of healing through transformational arts, making memorial arts and crafts for our beloved pets, and emotional support by sharing in our groups about our beloved furbabies. 

Classes: Finding More Joy

Laughter Yoga


Laughter is the Best Medicine! 🌈 

Did you know children laugh 300-500 times a day? In comparison, the average adult laughs 5-15 times a day. Laughter is as natural as breathing. In Laughter Yoga, we combine laughter exercises, childlike playfulness, creativity, and yoga breathing.

Research shows there are many health benefits to laughter including:

Boosts immune system to help fight cancer  

Heart healthy cardio 

Lowers cholestrol

Rich oxygenation to brain 

Happiness :  

Releases endorphin, dopamine and serotonin, the “happiness cocktail”

Detoxification and internal organs massage 

Relief from Stress by reducing cortisol and  

Relief for Depression by release of serantonin

To learn more about laughter yoga, visit

Mindfulness:A Path to Wisdom, Peace and Joy


The most precious gift we can give to ourselves and others is our presence. Knowledge speaks but Wisdom Listens. Learn to listen to the Wisdom inside your body and it will naturally bring peace to your mind. Beyond the calm presence in your body, lies a Universal Presence inside ready to meet you and uplift your mind-body-spirit. Let’s begin with this one moment, taking a deeper slower breath in, smile and relax, hold the breath in for as long as you can, and exhale to ratio of 1:2:2. 

Practices include:

Mindful Walking

Mindful Eating



Deep Listening

Connecting to Earth 



Compassionate Relating

Breathing for Joy 

Breathing for Wisdom 

Breathing for Equanimity  and Acceptance  

Spark Joy Art Process


How do we heal from heartache? When the world looks grey to us, we lose our sense of joy. But we can bring that joy back

We teach an art process focusing on “Art As Channel for Joy”. When we create art in this meditative and spontaneous process, Inspiration and Joy is Sparked. We allow for Joy and Peace to be expressed when we co-create with the Muse. 

Spark Joy  is about allowing creation to flow  through you rather than  you being the “doer”.  The person can practice mindfulness awareness while allowing inspirations coming through their hands, words, breath and body to flow

To be Alive is to Create. Life Is Art.