Aging Well: What’s Wisdom Got To Do With It?

“The world is as you see it. If you don’t like what you see, Change your vision.”

Are you happy with the life you have lived?  Is it the life you want? Are You Living Your Life Purpose? If you have not lived your best version of you, it’s not too late. Do you fear growing older and dying? 

By exploration in psychotherapy, we can help you find peace of mind. 

One of the most important psychological developmental tasks of aging or growth is Integration and Wholeness. From a human development perspective, an individual’s happiness and fulfillment and peace of mind is dependent on how fulfilling they felt life was.

Do you have a sense of integration and wholeness? Have you attained Wisdom and Resilience? 

Have you given much attention to personal development?This moment is a perfect opportunity to revisit, revise, and re-create the best version of your life.

It is time for deeper reflection and life review. It is a journey of healing, letting go, mending broken relationships, and even starting new beginnings

But it is never too late to make that change now.

Life does not happen to you. 

Life happens through you. 

Make this your best act before the curtain falls. 

“ Be a rainbow in your own cloud. Only you know how. Rainbows don’t replace clouds; they simply shine through a fraction of the cloud to say  I’m here.”             - Maya Angelou, my mentor

Elderhood: Living Legacy

Honoring Elderhood Legacy Project


Aging With Dignity starts with a life review and ends with a project known as legacy making. This class was designed to help elders achieve their highest creative expression of life. There will be group exercises that guide you to cultivate and share your Wisdom. This process guides people to examine areas of their lives that need healing, forgiveness in relationships,  and closure. In the theme of Elder Wisdom, we will explore our own mind‘s positive potential for Higher Wisdom.

The exercises and discussions explore Erickson’s eighth stage of healthy human development known as “Ego integrity versus Despair”. 

Another part of the course includes creating ”Legacy Maps“ and online format of your personal life memoir “Legacy Museum”. We explore your contributions that you have made to society through your relationships and skills, and what you still want to do as leaving a legacy of your human existence. 

The last part of course involves healthy discussion about life including psychological tasks of facing death without fear

This wonderful Legacy mapping project is a journey that helps to achieve the psychosocial developmental tasks of Integration, Wisdom, and Legacy.     

It is a second chance to go after your dreams and live the life you’ve wanted to but never thought it was possible.