Laugh As If Your Life Depends On It

Life Will Rise Up to Meet You At Your Peak When You Feel Joy

William James, a famous psychologist who studied human potential said, “We are happy because we sing, instead of singing because we are happy.”  This was an example to remind us it is through our actions that we create emotions. 

Therefore, if you want to be happy, sing and laugh. There are many therapeutic benefits of laughter for our health. It is equally powerful for helping us achieve our desired hopes through the laws of manifesting. 

Whether you have an illness you want to get relief from or feeling depressed. Can’t break a bad habit or negative belief system you want to change. Want to improve your relationships? Laughter Coaching can help you. 

There’s some fascinating good news behind the science of unconditional laughter and creative play combined with neuroplasticity that will knock your socks off while laughing. 

Children Are Masters At Play: What Happens When  We Grow Up?

Remember when you were a child and your happiest moments were Playing and Laughing With Friends? Creative play and laughter are our natural states of being. Why is it adults feel silly or foolish being childlike in laughing? Does laughing for no reason or ”unconditional laughter” and playfulness means we won’t succeed in our lives?

It is the exact opposite. In fact, the more you master the art and science of laugh and creative play, your Genius gets born into action from the ideas you don’t filter out. 

Neurobehavioral science proves that “peak states” help us to anchor in beliefs we created in association to that event. In a peak state of joy-feeling, our body and mind are in the most positive state. 

In a state of Joy, we can be less inhibited to to take action because we are not controlled by self-doubts, fears, regrets, and judgements. How can Unconditional Laughter help me? Joy is a Peak state. Creative Play also makes us joyful, especially when we tap into “Childlike playfulness”. Try laughter yoga today. 

The mastery of Manifesting in personal development lies in embodying this peak state. We are really excited to offer this Powerful experiential program to help you achieve your personal best self.  

You want Abundance in your life? You want to be the Top of Your Game? Then let go of your judgements and let the Muse of Joy do it’s magic to transform your life from your inner self.

Joy Is A Game- Changer!

We guarantee this will be an exhilarating FUN Joyful and Relaxing laughter-filled healthy practice for creating your best life. Our wellness coach has training in neuroscience, laughter yoga, holistic life coaching, and is a published author and speaker on topics of creativity and wellness and women’s empowerment. 

Start now with individual coaching sessions in person or video conference. Group coaching is available for corporate wellness, team building, families and relationship partners.

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