Pets Are Our Family: Pet Loss Support

Love For Our Pets


It’s human nature for us to feel grief when we say goodbye forever to our pet. Honoring pets through your grieving process reflects the beauty of the depth of love in the human-animal bond. 

Losing a dying pet is just as painful as losing a human friend or family member. Sometimes it can be even more difficult because they cannot speak and tell us in words how they are feeling, leaving us humans to be in the role of guessing or feeling guilty if they were in more pain than they let on. 

We are specialist in bereavement counseling and have experience with pets as emotional support animals. (ESA) 

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Pet Loss and Caregiver Stress Support Group


We offer support groups for pet parents. We offer facilitation of healing through transformational arts, making memorial arts and crafts for our beloved pets, and emotional support and sharing in our groups. 

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