Our Specialties Include:

Health: Living with chronic illness, chronic pain, insomnia, depression and anxiety  

Grief: Loss from death or illness of loved one, pet loss and illness, coping with terminal Illness, dying and death issues, life transitions such as health,  relationship or career changes 


Caregiver Stress: Empathy fatigue and caregiver burnout, guilt, denial, difficulty coping with caregiving  

Couples Counseling:  Understanding  what it takes to create and maintain a healthy “Couple”  based on Values,  Respect,  and Loving-kindness 

Women: Depression, anxiety, chronic stress  confidence, self-esteem, women’s  health, empowerment, boundaries,  relationships, and life transitions

Trauma: PTSD and Vicarious trauma ie.  empathy fatigue such as overwhelm by taking in other’s suffering 


Loss of purpose/identity, decline in mobility and loss of independence, denial or fear of dying, healing, forgiveness, and closure in relationships, acceptance and wholeness in “Life Integration

Linda Ananda Fong, LCSW #86731


I have 25 years of experience in social services, focused on mental health.  I earned my Bachelors degree in Human Development. After getting a Masters in Social Work, I focused on medical social work. 

I utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, somatic experiencing, solution-focused therapy, mindfulness, guided visualization and art therapy. My approach is integrative, person-centered and strength-based.

My personal style is steeped in my practice of compassion, wisdom, and JOY.  I have extensive and rigorous training in mindfulness meditation practices from India and the East. My Indian name Ananda means “Bliss” in Sanskrit. I specialize in guiding clients in living with joy, mindfulness, clear calm centered presence. I coach people to align with ease, grace and flowing abundance to intentionally create the life of your dreams through the alchemy of Laughter and Play and JOY!

“ I support your self-determination and reflect your strengths. I will be your loudest cheerleader. I will keep you on your toes. I will listen with compassion and empathy.”

Now Offering TeleMedicine and Care Management


Getting Help Over the Internet Is Convenient and Easy as Clicking a Button on Your Phone or Computer

Tele-mental health as a part of tele-medicine has reached many more people who otherwise would not have received services they needed. If people’s work schedule don’t allow for travel to appts or they live in rural  remote areas, tele-mental health is perfect for them. Online therapy is through internet email, video conferencing, online chat or phone call.

Now caregivers and patients who cannot physically get to the provider’s office have more access to medical care. Because we believe healthcare should be equally accessible to all, we decided to be a provider of telemedicine. 

We offer tele-health services to people who need it most so they can get the support they deserve. We believe everyone deserves equal access to medical and mental health services.