Psychotherapy and Counseling


When we feel happy, we want to share it with others. But when we feel sorrow, do we feel comfortable sharing our vulnerability with others? Or do we feel we don’t want to burden others and bring them down too?  

In life, grief is a common human experience. 

Grief is a powerful life transition that invites one to explore Personal Growth and transform relationships. 

Because grief is a common human experience, we can empower ourselves in not just surviving through the grief but growing from it. We can develop growth through pain.    

Examples of grief come from loss of health, relationships, childhood traumas, life transitions, death of loved one, death of animal companion or difficulty coping with loss related to “growing old”. 

Grief is not to be taken lightly. It can lead to depression and depression is a chronic mental health illness that weakens the immune system. 

If you are currently experiencing grief due to loss or have unresolved grief from past history of loss, we are here to help you.

Grief Education and Support Group

When we do not know how to be present for ourselves to experience the waves of emotions associated with coping with grief, the bravest act of self-compassion is to admit that we need help. 

In our work together through  support groups, you will receive support and learn to better understand the role of grief as part of your human development. Grieving Well is a healthy psychological development, especially in acceptance of one’s own death. 

Therapeutic Arts


Healing Grief Through Creative Arts

Creative arts expedite emotional healing and neuroplasticity. They simultaneously engage the right and left sides of your brain and in doing so, make connections that not only change your outlook but your quality of life. That's wonderful news for trauma survivors and those dealing with grief. Bad memories can be more positively processed through artistic expression. 

Using symbolism, rituals, and visioning to open up the deeper emotions hidden, we engage in a creative process of transforming emotions and expressing creative energy. This is cathartic and meditative. Art sparks joy!

Facilitated by art therapy teacher, you will be led in guided imagery, mindfulness meditation practices of “ Process Healing Art”

“Legend of the Hummingbird“ Guided imagery. Legends say hummingbirds are angels of the spirit world. They are messengers between the worlds. They carry our prayers and visions to the spirit world and return with the protection and blessings of our beloveds. 


Celebrating Legends

To celebrate a deceased beloved (pets are family too) we custom design a theme for commemorating your beloved’s life legacy to honor what they offered to the world. 

Our expertise is in multi-media and we can create something very special that inspires and expresses the individual’s life legacy and showcase their memories. 

We offer this service for commemorating pets as well.

Ask about our Commemorative Art services for memorials or any commemorative occasions.